'King Candy & The Sugar Push'...

can be quite a mouthful but, boy does it taste good!
This energetic ensemble have been making a name for themselves over the last couple of years as one of the country's top swing bands playing beautifully crafted arrangements of American swing music.
Set up by enigmatic saxophonist, clarinettist and arranger Jon Shenoy at the end of 2008, they have performed at all the major dance classes and venues in London including the Troxy, 100 Club, Jitterbugs, Ronnie Scotts, Royal Albert Hall and Swingland's A-Train and C-Jam to name a few.
King Candy's formidable line-up boasts nine of London's most swingin' musicians, charismatically leading dancers and listeners through a sweet store of big band hits from the 1930s-50s. As if all this wasn't enough, King Candy currently features the talented vocalist and close-harmony chanteuse Kate Mullins from The Puppini Sisters.

Some words from the leader:

Whether listening, dancing or playing, swing music makes you feel real.

Don't let anyone ever tell you it's not as relevant as modern jazz improvised music. It's better, no worse, it's just a lot fun.

Don't get me wrong, I dig contemporary jazz. I'm often there, somewhere within the small clowder of jazz-heads hiding above a north London pub. I can join in; I'll twitch my fingers and nod my head to some chopped-up krunky grooves and bask in the formidable display of musicianship.

However, a trip to New York a few years ago led me to a place where people could really move to improvised music.This was my first encounter with lindy hop. There, in front of the Lincoln Center, were people moving perfectly in time to the music, doing their own thing but somehow always fitting in to the form of the tune. 'Lindy hop' or swing dancing is the physical manifestation of the music it adores. The amazing thing is it actually appeared simultaneously with the music back in the 1930s in Harlem..

So then I thought, "I need to be part of this, I want to play improvised music that people can dance to!"

Thus, King Candy & the Sugar Push was born.

We're a scaled-down version of the big bands from the 30s and 40s, think of us as a more streamlined model if you will, saving you on your bar bill at the end of the night! We carefully choose our repertoire from the great American bands of this era. Much of this repertoire was a product of tumultuous but brilliant star partnerships: Gene Krupa and Anita O'Day; Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee; Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald to name a few. I've done my best to find my own tempestuous starlet in the shape of the amazing Kate Mullins (flying in from various Puppini Sisters tours for our gigs) only she just refuses to be anything but brilliant…..