"Always looking to up the ante for our next performance, we're committed to putting on a good show. We've performed at some of the country's most prestigious jazz and swing venues for listeners and dancers alike.

Unlike the melee of our card games shown here, King Candy & the Sugar Push are an organised musical unit; the quality of musicianship in the band is such that we can sell-out respected venues like Ronnie Scott's jazz club, holding our own on the band stand with a concert programme of superbly-crafted arrangements and witty banter for the discerning jazz concert-goer.

At the same time, we've spent the last few years working hard on the Lindy-hop (dance) circuit playing for some of the country's top swing dancers, often in collaboration with dance troupes who's choreography we have specific arrangements for. Recent shows include Swingland's grand Savoy Ball, the London Lindy Exchange and the fabulous summer and winter parties run by our good friends at Jitterbugs.

As well as providing music for events we use the close bond we have with some of London's top dance troupes to provide a package of music and dance for a whole evening's entertainment. This can take the form of a swing dancing class, a concert and cabaret display and an opportunity for you to try out your new steps to some high-octane musical accompaniment!

So if you're putting on an event and want a swing band that sound and look the part then get in touch on the contact page. Still not sure if we hold the right cards for your night? Check out the testimonials page.